The Australian greyhound industry is committed to finding homes for all greyhounds when they retire from racing.

Greyhound Adoption Australia

The Australian greyhound racing industry cares about the full life cycle of each greyhound and can support the adoption process of your new pet. Greyhounds are a sweet natured and loving addition to any household.

A part of the family

Greyhounds are placid, affectionate and gentle companions. Suitable for many types of homes, greyhounds can thrive in apartments as well as properties with small yards.

They only need 20 minutes of exercise daily, require little to no grooming and hardly bark. A greyhounds favourite place is often the couch where they can snooze all day long.

Greyhounds can be a welcome addition to both your human and pet family. With the right support, greyhounds can live comfortably with other domestic pets.

Every greyhound has a story

Greyhound Racing Victoria alongside the Greyhound Adoption Program launched a series of videos that brought to life the 2014/15 ‘Every Greyhound Has a Story’ photographic exhibition.

We begin with the tale of Hamish & Andy’s celebrity greyhound, Fred Basset, who after drawing thousands of fans to racetracks all over Australia, is now living the good life with the Copley family in suburban Melbourne.

A home for every greyhound

Greyhound Adoption Program Australia’s role is to help meet the greyhound racing industry’s commitment to finding homes for all greyhounds. In this way, we are supporting the industry goal of looking after every greyhound through its entire life cycle.

The state adoption programs have highly trained staff and foster families to assist in every greyhounds transition, ensuring that they are well adjusted to their new domestic life.

Coupled with their outstanding athletic ability is a calm, laid back and loving nature – making greyhounds an ideal pet. They are an affectionate breed that thrive on human companionship and require very limited grooming and upkeep.