Future Home

Each state program will provide health check ups and training during a greyhounds fostering. This process is is designed to assist greyhounds transition from their life on the track and into a domestic environment. Every dog is temperament tested, desexed, wormed, microchipped and vaccinated.

They then spend a set amount of time with a foster carer before being moved onto a permanent home. Some states also provide adequate provisions so dogs can be walked on a leash in public without a muzzle.

We care about the full life cycle of each greyhound and want to support every greyhound foster carer and adopter.

Support in action

State programs carefully match every greyhound to their potential adopted home. Our staff assess a potential adopter’s lifestyle, expectation and additional requirements before making a recommendation.

If your circumstances change within the initial adoption period or should your greyhound fail to be a good fit in your home, you can contact your state’s Greyhound Adoption Program to request that they reclaim the dog.