Greyhounds are the perfect addition to any family, large or small. Whether you are a single, couple or have a few kids – greyhounds can adapt to many different contexts, bringing with them lifelong companionship.

Greyhounds also require less exercise than other dogs their size, are low maintenance and do not have predisposed health problems that usually present in larger dogs.

The Australian greyhound racing industry has a passion for assigning every greyhound to their perfect adopted family. Their natural dispositions and our foster care program ensures that every dog is not only physically prepared, but also psychologically prepared for their new life with you.


A greyhound is a low maintenance, gentle breed. They can often be found snoozing and require very little exercise on a daily basis. With the right support, greyhounds can live comfortably with other domestic pets.

You will have the opportunity to adopt a great family pet that has gone through a full veterinary review, desexed and trained for their domestic life during foster care.

Greyhounds are best suited to loving and stable homes, they are a sensitive and laid back dog breed that can suit many different homes including apartments and properties with small yards.

They can often sleep up to 20 hours a day and rarely bark, making them a cooperative, adaptable and affectionate breed.

Greyhounds and Children

With the right support and exposure, greyhounds are perfect pets to have around children. They are docile animals that adapt to loving and secure environments. Although often large, they are not imposing, instead they are gentle and well mannered.

However, as with all breeds of dogs, small children should never be left unsupervised with a greyhound. It’s also vitally important that you teach your children to respect the dog and their space around food and bedding. We recommend that homes with young children provide their greyhound with a quiet area away from children so they can rest.


While Greyhounds have often experienced a high energy exercise regime during their racing careers, it’s at their adopted homes where they settle into a slower routine.

Greyhounds require very little exercise and can be perfectly content with access to a small secure yard and a 20 minute daily walk.